Keeping Secrets in Seattle

A new adult contemporary romance series!

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Have you ever kept a secret from someone you should've been transparent with right from the start? Have you ever had a secret kept from you?

The Secrets Series shares the struggles, broken hearts, triumphs, and redemption of a group of young people stumbling through their mid-twenties. Each is grappling to find their course in their careers, friendships, and especially on the slippery slope that is love.

There is no time in a person's life more trying than those first few years in the "real world," and there's no better time to find who is meant to be your other half.

Though written as stand alone novels, The Secrets Series is best enjoyed when read in order. Grab your copy of book 1, Keeping Secrets in Seattle, today!

Seattle hairstylist, Violet Murphy always knew the day would come when her best friend, Gabe Parker, would want to settle down. She'd secretly wished it would be with her, but now that he's chosen someone else--the prim, perfect Alicia--he wants Vi to be his "best man."

Healing her broken heart isn't easy, but when Violet meets Landon Harlow, a man who isn't fazed by her funky style and less-than-delicate attitude, she takes a step in the right direction. Until Gabe's fiances' gorgeous facade begins to crack, and Violet's disturbing past comes back to haunt her, that is. Vi now finds herself armed with a series of lies that would break Gabe's heart, and his engagement, if he knew their truth, and a secret from their childhood that could change everything.

With the wedding looming, her relationships unraveling, and the bachelor party of the century to plan, Violet must choose between a fresh start with Landon, or confronting her painful past and risking it all for a chance at a future with Gabe.

Keeping Secrets in Seattle is a new adult contemporary romance with a 3 out of 5 heat level, suitable for a PG13 rating.

Exciting news!

Book 2 in The Secrets Series is coming soon...stay tuned for Landon's story...